Enjoying Retirement

Sustainable Income

You worked for many years and now you’re retired and have the freedom to do all those things you always dreamed of doing, because you have both the time and money to do so. Regrettably, however, you don’t have peace of mind, because you’re concerned about the investment management of your retirement nest egg and its impact on your income. What if the value of your portfolio slowly declines because you’re annually withdrawing more from your investments than is sustainable? Or, what if the growth of your portfolio fails to keep up with both inflation and your withdrawal rate? Eventually, you’ll have to cut back on your standard of living or go back to work.

Perhaps you assume that your investment portfolio is performing as well as can be expected, and that you can’t combat the effects of inflation. These assumptions are not true. If you couple professional planning with astute, professional investment management, and sustainable income withdrawals, you’ll experience financial peace of mind knowing that your retirement nest egg is secure and your reasonable standard of living can be maintained for life. In fact, you’ll find satisfaction knowing that one day you’ll leave a substantial financial legacy to your loved ones, a true testament to both your successful career and successful retirement.

We can help you experience financial peace of mind as you journey through your retirement years. We will:

  • assess your financial status, identify weaknesses, develop remedies, and applaud successes

  • astutely manage your IRA and personal investment portfolios to give you sustainable retirement income and conservative growth to hedge inflation

  • design a strategy for passing on your retirement assets to your loved ones with maximum efficiency, minimum cost, and all available tax advantages

Our targeted expertise as retirement specialists, our portfolio track record, and one-on-one planning sessions, allow you to delegate the day-to-day investment decisions to us. This gives you the time and peace of mind to concentrate on the other things that matter most in your life… especially in retirement.

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